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Secretary’s Message

Saraswati School | Secretary’s Message


Many a Times we are beset by the question: How much of learning is education, and how much is information. There have been many opinions on the best way to educate children, and to sift information from education, but none conclusive enough to enable education to implement to really home in on what constitutes education; and provide it in ample measures to the insatiable curiosity of children. But at Saraswati, we have reasons to believe that irrespective of what makes for education, the prime aim of the teacher is to believe that irrespective of what makes for education, the prime aim of the teacher is to keep the child interested, with plenty of knowledge and lots of information, if it will help keep the flame of curiosity burning. And that is exactly what out teachers do, with modules designed to make the child think and question the whys, the where’s and the how’s of everything they learn.

This makes for a wonderfully interactive time in the classroom; and the wonder keeps growing in off-classroom sessions as we take the child through the school of life into a fun filled, meaningful world that keeps him glued to the subject being taught. This is what makes Saraswati different, since teaching and learning by rote is not our cup of tea, believing that schools have a more comprehensive role to play than mere” education” children by making them aware of the beauty of the world around them, and sensitising them to the environment-social and otherwise, helping them make responsible choices in life. Enabling children to see feel sense and touch life as it is, Saraswati builds the base of a future India right from the first step the child takes into school and carries on till he passes out of its corridors as a knowing, caring, responsible and extremely conscientious citizen of India.