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About Us


  • Saraswati school is spread over 5 acres, not for from the Kadegaon.
  • It has a picaresque environment, which gives the child the feeling of being close to Mother Nature.
  • Care has been taken and attention paid to detailing the infrastructure to suit children requirement.
  • Well ventilated and spacious classroom
  • Library stocked about 2500 books, which can help the student for extra knowledge.
  • We also have well equipped computer and science lab.
  • 15 classrooms with digital e-learning.


In Saraswati we have made availability of both the boards of education that is the Maharashtra State Board and CBSE curriculum.


Our school has different play areas for different section of the school. For Pre-primary a play area with new and innovative play material and a sand pit. It has a big play ground for primary and secondary section, where they get opportunity to show the spirits of sportsmen. Th school follows the house system to inculcate a spirit of competition, co-operation and to develop leadership qualities among students. The four houses are Justice (RED), Equality (YELLOW), Fraternity (GREEN), Liberty (BLUE).


We at Saraswati understand that every child has born with a talent, to enrich the hidden talent of the child, school provides special training in activities like dance, athletics, drawing, vocal and instrumental music, taekwondo, skating, cooking, knitting.etc. to the students according to their choice by the specialized coaches.


In order to make the learning process easy and attractive  a variety of co curricular activities are planes for the whole academic  year. Activites like clelebration of  festivals , special days , field visits , picnic, excursion , sports week , annual gathering are organized by the school.


To understand the child better a PTM is held on every 1st Saturday of every month. Where parents and teachers can discuss about the child growth and progress properly.


The school also provides school bus facility with attendant in a radius of 25 Km to fetch the children to and fro from school. This facility is provided on all working days.


We have well experienced and dignified teaching and non- teaching staff in school.


The accountant , clerk , drivers and lady and gents attenders are well trained and qualified in their own jobs.


We have an excellent team of qualifies , oassionate and dedicated teachers who believe that learning is a life long process.

Teachers act as facilitators in nurturing and enriching the innate talents and potential of each individual child.

We ensure job satisfaction , as this translates into better performance and out put.

Saraswati school

It follows the Maharashtra state government curriculum .

Academics :

It’s a full fledge school from classes Nursery to Std 10.

For pre-primary section books are selected in such a way that the child feels happy and interested to use the books . These books help them to develop their motor skills and create urge of reading in them.

From I  to X SSC books prescribed by Maharashtra government are followed and also books by private publishers are supplemented with them.

Assessment :

Assessment of classes from I to X are according to CCE pattern , which is divided again in to Formative and Summative Assessment. Over all each class will have 2 Unit Test And 2 SA.

Saraswati Global

Saraswati Global is a CBSE curriculum based school. It has its own  independent infrastructure which fulfill all the norms of the CBSC board .From standard I to XII.

Academics :

Classes I to V have books by private publishers , which are supplemented by the extra worksheets prepared by our teachers.

Classes VI upwards , we follow NCERT books for all subjects.

Additional to these prescribed books , we also provide GK , Value education books .

Assessment :

Classes I and II have monthly skill based  assessment.

Classes III to VIII have 4 Formative assessment (FA)  ( 2 in each term) and 2 summative Assessments (SA)

Classes IX and X have 4 Assessment (FA) (2 in each term) and 2 Summative Assessment .

Class X will have their SA2 as a school based/board based exam .