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Hon. Prithviraj S. Deshmukh, the founder of Saraswati School, saw that, there was not a single English School in Kadegaon Taluka.

Bearing in mind the importance of English in the present world, it was his vision to raise such a school of par excellence which would impart quality eduction to the budding generation.

Hon. Chairman Sir and his better half – Hon. Vrushali P. Deshmukh, who is also the School Secretary, have braved optimistically every obstacle, hurdle and problem and brought up the school from a humble student body of 70 in 2008 to more than a 1000 in 2016.

This School serves with a smile, bearing in mind that each child is a treasure world and needs self discovery. The necessary help, encouragement, guidance and training is imparted through various curricular and co-curricular activities. If your child is taking education here – it’s your right choice and your child’s best.

Infra structure: Saraswati school is spread over 5 acres , not far from the kadegaon. It has a pricaresque environment which gives the child the feeling of being close to mother nature.

Care has been taken and attention paid to detailing the infrastructure to suit children’s requirement.

  • Well ventilated and spacious classrooms
  • Library stocked about 2500 books which can help the student for extra knowledge.
  • We also have well equipped computer and science lab.
  • 15 classrooms with digital e-learning.

Curriculum:  In saraswati we have made availability of both the boards of education that is The Maharashtra state board  and CBSE curriculum . read more


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Hon. Prithviraj Deshmukh

Mrs. Vrushali P. Deshmukh
Secretary, SES

Nitin Mohan Navale
Jt. Secretary

Mr. Raviraj Deshmukh
Vice President

Manoj Mohan Navale


Yashaswini Deshmukh

Mr. Udaysingh Shinde